Summer is upon us which means it’s time to get your backyards ready for summer barbecues and pool parties. If you are looking to spice up your patio with Limestone Pavers or planning on putting in an inground pool with Limestone Pool Coping, read on to find patio pavers and pool coping ideas.

How do you choose the best stone or style for your place? Which pool coping stone looks best with your current patio tile? Where do you use pavers vs coping? We are here to guide you in how to choose the best limestone for your patio or pool.

Patio Pavers vs Pool Coping

Patio pavers and pool coping are stone tiles used in outdoor projects. They are usually made of strong and durable stone. Most stones used for patio pavers can also be used as pool coping, and when used together you can create a seamless finish from your patio to your pool. Patio pavers and pool coping options can enhance the look of your outdoor space and help you to create a place you want to spend your time.

What are Patio Pavers?

Patio Pavers are natural stone that varies in size. They are durable and long-lasting because of the way they are able to adapt to climate and seasonal changes. They are usually low maintenance and not prone to cracking or breaking like other tile types.

Tips for Choosing Patio Pavers

  1. Make sure your pavers work with your climate.
  2. Make sure the stone you choose is sturdy and durable
  3. Choose colors and styles that mesh well with your current home design.
  4. Choose stone based on how much sun exposure they will get.
Dalle de Provence Limestone pavers
Bordeaux Gris Limestone Pool Coping

What are Pool Copings?

Coping is known as a cap at the top of a wall, in regard to pool coping, it is the cap at the top of a swimming pool. Coping is typically a natural stone and is usually installed in a 12-inch radius surrounding the perimeter of the pool. Pool coping keeps water from getting behind the pool wall and causing any damage there.

Tips for choosing Pool Coping

  1. Make sure your stone is suitable for a pool area. That means getting them tested for salt or chlorine.
  2. Make sure your stone is non-slip.
  3. Choose a stone that won’t get too hot and burn your feet, like limestone.
  4. Seal your pool coping to make them last.
Bordeaux Gris Limestone Pool Coping

Why Choose Limestone for Your Pool Coping or Patio Pavers?

As a natural stone, Limestone has hardened due to pressure and heat, which makes it a more durable stone option for outdoor areas. Like any outdoor tile project, limestone should be sealed and may require resealing but not as often as other stone tiles. If your backyard is a high-traffic area due to kids or visitors, limestone is the best choice. It is less likely to crack, chip, or break due to the high pressure it takes to form limestone. It is also a popular choice because of the many color options and looks it has.

What Limestone Should You Use for Your Patio or Pool?

We offer many types of limestone for your outdoor project, check out the options below to see what type of stone will fit in with your outdoor project.

Pyrenees Grey Old Heritage

Our Pyrenees limestone is quarried from and finished in Morocco. This stone is very versatile offering over 30 types of hand-worked and antique finishes for this type of stone flooring. Pyrenees limestone is great for adding an old-world feel to your outdoor space.

Pyrenees Grey, Old Heritage limestone pavers and pool copings
Beige Dalle De Provence Limestone

Dalle De Provence Limestone

Dalle De Provence limestone is reclaimed from the Bordeaux region in France. These French antique stones bring a beautiful clean look to your outdoor space.

Beige Dalle De Provence Limestone

Corton Limestone

Corton limestone is another French limestone, this time from the Burgundy region. This honey-colored stone brings a lovely provincial look to your outdoor space.

Corton Limestone
Outdoor Flooring

Antiqued Vieux Monde Limestone

Vieux Monde limestone is a blend of four types of French stone, all from the Burgundy region. This reclaimed stone is durable enough for outdoor spaces and provides a wonderful French look to your space.

Outdoor Flooring

Bordeaux Gris Limestone

Bordeaux limestone is another French Limestone that has been a part of French architecture for centuries. You’re bringing a part of history to your outdoor project when you use Bordeaux limestone.

Pool coping

Choosing a Pool Coping Style

The Pool coping style you choose will depend on your taste and the design of your pool. But what styles exist and how do you choose the perfect coping for your pool?

  • Pool Lips

    If you add a lip to your pool, you can prevent water from being splashed out. While there is not necessarily a bad reason to have a pool lip, you may not want one for aesthetic purposes.

  • Top Mounted Pool Coping

    This is the most common style of pool coping. It is placed at the top edge of the pool and slopes down and away from the water. Also called C-Channel coping or Half-Round coping.

  • Flat Mounted Pool Coping

    This coping style secures the pool liner while also creating a platform for pavers and other surface materials.

  • Cantilevered Pool Coping

    Cantilevered is defined as fixed or supported at one end. This style of coping uses foam to finish the edge of a pool and allows your deck to blend with the edge of the pool. Can also be called a square edge coping.

  • Rough-Cut Pool Coping

    This style, as the name indicates, uses rougher or more natural-looking stone. This look can create a more natural look for your pool.

  • Bullnose Pool Coping

    This style could be full bullnose, or half bullnose and refers to coping that is rounded at the edge of the pool. Full bullnose coping will create a c-curve or a lip at the edge of the water while the half bullnose coping is flush with the pool wall. Bullnose pool coping could also be flat or raised which refers to where the top edge meets your pool deck.

If you’re in need of pool coping or patio pavers or want more information on our other tile stone options, contact us today. We are your premium supplier of reclaimed and antique stone, which provides a beautiful and unique look and feel to any outdoor space.